Clare M. Perrin

Ph.D. 2011, Chemistry, Georgetown University
B.S. 2005, Chemistry, University of Connecticut
B.A. 2005, Biological Sciences, University of Connecticut

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Clare's academic research experience contributed to her expertise in crystal nucleation and growth of monosodium urate crystals, which crystallize in the synovial fluid of gout patients. She utilized atomic force microscopy and dynamic light scattering to confirm the morphology of crystal nuclei and determined the molecular-level growth and adhesion properties of individual crystal faces using a combination of atomic and chemical force microscopy. Clare has developed surface immobilization strategies for biomolecules on atomic force microscopy probes and studied their interaction with individual faces of monosodium urate crystals.

Clare has had the opportunity to contribute to analytical research and development in an industrial environment by participating in Pfizer's internship program, where she determined a new viscometric method for polymer molecular weight determination in the excipient portion of an injectable formulation, and determined the drug-release profile of a sustained-release tablet using dissolution and chromatographic methods.

Clare currently works as a Patent Examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is interested in solid-state drug formulations, their physiochemical properties, and their adsorption in the body following administration.


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