Resources for DC Area Biotech

I have been keeping an account of resources for scientist to help scientist become involved in transfer technology. Watching several fellow scientists searching for jobs, I decided to make this list publicly available on I will attempt to keep this list updated as necessary. If you would like to suggest additions or corrections, please contact me at scott {at}



NIH Entrepreneur and Commercialization Club. Open to everyone. Meetings every biweek, with discussions on commercialization of biotech products. Most of the examples discussed are pharmaceuticals; however, the general principles of product differentiation and funding sources apply throughout biotech. It is suggested that members work up a known technology into a commercializable product.

Startup Hoyas. A startup community for Georgetown graduates.

DC Tech Meetup. A Meetup of web and mobile application deveopers. Meetups generally include presentations of current projects, with some sort of theme for each meetup. The most beneficial aspect is an open-mic, where people can pitch their needs or their skills in order to connect with other participants. Meetups then conclude with a happy hour.


BioHealth Innovation, LLC.

Kauffmann Foundation.

Office of Technology Transfer, NIH.


StartupDigest (D.C.) (Baltimore).

Kauffmann Foundation Newsletter.


Research Commercialization Introductory Course. November 14 to December 12, 2013. An "online course designed to help science and engineering researchers better understand how research commercialization works."

INNoVATE. A training program out of UMBC. Discounts available for postdocs.